Saturday, 11 July 2009 ♥

TOILET RULES @ Saturday, July 11, 2009.

Woke up as per normal..
Then mum cooked for me maggie mee..
My favourite, curry noodle!! :)
I thought after eating this bowl of mee, I can go for my tuition in a happy mood..
Hahs, wishful thinking..
Cause I had a big fucking quarrel with my cheebye mum..
It began like this, I was about to go for my tuition class..
Then she asked me whether I was eating outside or home.. I said outside..
She immediately replied, eat with your girlfriend harhx!!!
I was fed up with her when she mentioned this term "girlfriend" since I last have one..
But I replied no, I dun have, as I really do not have..
She asked me, then who is the girl that you are talking to everyday on the phone.
I said friend.
She said girlfriend.
I said one of my good friend.
She again said, girlfriend..
At that point when she said girlfriend for the second time, really fed up already..
I said, OK, a good friend of the opposite sex..
Then she again, girlfriend larhx..
I shouted at her good friend..
Then she said, good friend got talk on the phone for so long meh?? Talk for about an hour everyday!!
Then i said, why not?? I talked to her and jun hao almost an hour before.. You have any problem?? Why are you so paranoid?? Why you cant give me the trust I want??
She immediately said, wah lao ehs, JunWei, how old are you?? Why you want the trust?? You are too young??
Then I said, dun try to change the subject, why you cant give me the trust!! (Shouted)
She shouted, what, what?? Why shout at me?? Not happy arhx?? Come larhx fight larhx!! I your mother horhx, dun try to climb onto my head I tell you..
Then I thought for a while, cheebye, accuse me still dare to shout back!! So what you are the mother, you are in the wrong at first!!
I replied, hey!! Dun everytime use your mother rights ok!! I also have the right to report you to the police, OK!! And, I am not in the wrong at first, and I am not wrong to call my friends..
Then she said, obviously you are wrong, you wasted my money on telephone bills!! You young people always think that your are not wrong, and think that the parents are always in the wrong!!
I said, OI!! When and where did I said that I was right everytime?? I am obviously not in the wrong.. If you want the bills, come and claim from me, my account got enough saving to pay you for a lifetime!!
Then she shouted at me, you bastard, why did you talk to me in this way??
-To be continued-

Friday, 2 January 2009 ♥

TOILET RULES @ Friday, January 02, 2009.

Today is the first day of school..
Starting went to school with a sian mood,
but raynian entertain me, OMG he keep talking crap..
Wei Hao also, cant stand the two of them.....
Y I went to school with a sian mood, because it is the first day of school,
and it has training!!!
I was still in the holiday mood u noe, then suddenly need prepare.. haix....
Somemore still got 2 days, tmr and thursday..
And the venue all change tremendously, from F-Block to canteen...
Oh my goodness, it just ruin my whole plan.....
I must say sry to the sec 2s, cause we cause them to be so sian at training as we are slow in everything, and we didn't have anything for them to do...
Quite like my class, cause my CT, vry funny, OMG went in the right class man!!
My CT was Katherine Ng, if I am not wrong!!
She was like keep blaming people, which was funny to the class as we laugh out very very loud.
And she controlled the class very well, when it is play time, she play with you.
When it is study time, she became another person.
And lastly to end off with my post, I want to say something to my dearest Emily Jie!!
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO U EMILY!! Ur gift will come soon, as i was busy, sry uhs..

Friday, 12 December 2008 ♥

TOILET RULES @ Friday, December 12, 2008.

Dear toilet..
Yesterday didn't visit u,
but today visited u quite a lot times..
Went in and out a lot of times..
U sian right!!
See me so many times..
Toilet!! Tell u something..
Someone used my name to post lame things on my tagboard!!
Can u flush-ed the person away for me!!
He/she is irritating..
Please flush-ed him/her away..
Hey toilet, u noe wat!!
I downloaded many songs yesterday,
A lot of Chi-na songs!!
U should be able to understand..
First Aid course dde exam coming lerhx..
The CPR I still not clear..
OMG!! The Royal Kwok Pui Sum somemore is a hum sup lou(pervert) arhx!!
Always call girls in the class to go do demostration..
OMG!! Then he always touch their hands or wadever dde!! OMG!!
Haix toilet, why dun u become a human, I practice bandaging and CPR on u larhx!!
Sec 1 cca recruitment day coming nearer and nearer lerhx!!
It will be held at 3rd of january 2009..
Still got roughly 2 or 3 weeks jiu recruitment lerhx..
Still need to prepare proposal..
Then need go buy things!!
Sian sia..
Y dun u become a maid for me and go settle all this things for me..Toilet..
Honestly tell u something, sometimes u r nice
but sometime u r not useful..
U can help me in some ways but in some ways u still cant help me..
But u r just a toilet, for ppl to do their business in there..
U cant help me much..

Wednesday, 3 December 2008 ♥

TOILET RULES @ Wednesday, December 03, 2008.

Went to toilet on 3/12/08..
1 day b4 my bdae..
Excited as i finally can go out again..
Mum gave me a wallet for my bdae..
But it was cheap..
MYUK wallet, cost $29
Cheapo dde..
But at least got a thing..
Zarinar tmr going overseas lerhx..
Take care arhx, dun wan u to fall sick or wat dde..
Cause I will be,.. U know..
Yesterday go tampines mall n century square
I vry dde tok gong lorhx..
I go century square buy prima deli dde waffle to eat for my dinner, pathetic..
I bought a crispy plain flavour waffle
Took $2 from my dad as the waffle cost $1.20..
Put the $2 into my pocket..
The auntie gave me the waffle..
And she didn't ask for the money..
She was closing down the store..
Then I took the waffle and I walked away.. Without paying..
And I didn't notice it..
Then my dad drove me n my mum home..
Reach home, took out my phone in my pocket
Trying to reach for the change..
But I was surprised as my pocket did not have any coins..
Then I took out the $2 that my dad gave me..
Then i realise that i didn't pay for that waffle, which i have finished it..
OMG!!!!! How can I be so forgetful!!!
Told my parents and they scolded me..
I have no intentions of not paying for the waffle..
Mayb that i was drinking starbucks coffee and I was too hungry as I ate it at 9.30pm for dinner..
Dunno there got CCTV a not, if got pls do not show my face!! If not, I will be in trouble..!!!!
If the auntie was looking at this post, sry!!! I have no intentions for taking ur waffle for FOC..
SRY AUNTIE!!! Next time I buy from u then i pay back can??

Tuesday, 2 December 2008 ♥

TOILET RULES @ Tuesday, December 02, 2008.

Long long long time no update liao..
Almost 2 months..
Crapping on 2/12/08..
2 more days jiu my bdae liao..
Zzz, my bdae so late dde..
Felt left out today..
Dun noe y..?/
Could any1 give me a answer??..
I really need help in my life..
I feel like I am an idiot..OMG!!
Talk about something else
Recently, I registered myself in for tuition class..
At Rivervale Plaza dde Mavis.
1 month dde fee cost 200+!!
SO EX!!!
A Maths jiu 140+ liao lerhx..
ENG jiu $90.95..
Damn EX!!!
I will go for JAN class as I am not so free in DEC..
2 more days my bdae, 2 more days she will head oversesas
Hope she is there to celebrate it with me..
Life is meaningless to me nowadays..

Thursday, 16 October 2008 ♥

TOILET RULES @ Thursday, October 16, 2008.

Crapping on 16/10/08
See my blog, 1-2 months no post..
Today went to school in my father's car(evryday oso like tat)
He went vry slow coz he using 1 spare tyre..
The spare tyre lousy dde, at most can travel 80km/h onli..
Damn slow, nearly late for school again..
Jiu go hall then got the e-streaming talk..
After that we go back to class
Then play Jenga then "DAI DI"
I juz sit down there want to play but Ms Huan confiscate liao..
Then jiu bo bian play jenga again..
Then play till eng lesson..
We watch movie call "coach carter"
Nice lorhx..
Fast forward to sci lesson..
Jam nvr come, Ms leow take over..
Then i want go play "stress"..
But time's up, then go home
Eat, pei Jun Hao go home..
Then I take taxi home..
That all for today

Saturday, 6 September 2008 ♥

TOILET RULES @ Saturday, September 06, 2008.

Crapping on 6/9/08
Lets talk about yesterday first..
Yesterday was not a sucessful day to me..
First went to Wei Hao hse to do Chinese project..
When we finish, I n him play age of empires..
I lose like siao lorhx..
Then finish playing liao jiu meet Jun Hao go bowling..
Wa sian sia, i broke my record..
For the lowest score in bowling..
14... Nothing to say..
Although Wei Hao taught me how to bowl larhx..
But still playing badly..
Then the bowling there got 1 kao bei lao zha bor..
She damn wat lorhx..
We play 2 lane dde she take away 1 lane from us..
Then I at there emo..
Coz there too noisy, cant call her..
Then jiu go home, go out to hougang point to buy things..
Then there got TV marhx jiu watch lorhx...
A lot ppl at there watching..
Then got 1 staff, dun noe male or female, got the two things but face look like male..
Then he go off the TV..
Evrybody at there scolding him..
Wah then he scold us back, seems wan fight wif us..
Then there got a lot of ppl, mostly in a group..
All talk back to him..
Then the dun noe male or female walk away..
Evrybody laugh at him..
Then jiu buy then go home then I on com..
Do the Dnt..
Then on9 msn, saw her on9..
Jiu go chat wif her..
But she doin gulid blog, no time chat wif me, jiu spare her lorhx..
Then I go change blogskin..
Evrything I ask her then she teach me..
That for yesterday..
For today nothing much..
Call her two times, one at 11.30am n 1 at 2pm
Didn't tok much except for the 11.30am dde..
Tok about 5 to 10mins like that..
Although short larhx.. But we oso nothing to tok, then jiu hang up lorhx..
Then I go down buy makan then on com jiu post this entry..

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